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Thousands of bottles of Dr Janet’s SKINTASTIC  pH neutral  face and body cleanser  have been enjoyed by Dr Janet’s audiences for over 10 years.

Now, you too can enjoy  all of the fabulous benefits  of this best selling, aromatic, all-natural, cleanser.

SKINTASTIC is a gentle yet effective face and body cleanser based on the principles of nature  and formulated with natural ingredients. It contains no sodium lauryl sulfates, alcohol, synthetic thickeners, detergents or solvents. SKINTASTIC’S clean, wholesome, ingredients will leave no residue on your skin or shower area.

SKINTASTIC thoroughly cleanses your skin, yet is gentle enough to use on your face daily. Because SKINTASTIC cleans pores so effectively, it is a wonderful makeup remover. SKINTASTIC removes impurities that can cause unsightly blemishes while it’s natural moisturizing  properties relieve dry and itchy skin.

SKINTASTIC ‘S natural glycerin puts moisture back into your skin, so it  protects skin from dryness and itching even in the worst winter weather. Several key ingredients work together to achieve beautiful results for your skin. Walnut husk in particular, provides natural exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and also serves as a natural  astringent that leaves you with  a fresh layer of skin protected from bacteria and germs so you can enjoy the complexion you’ve always wanted.  Dr Janet has also included tingly oil of spearmint to soothe and refresh the skin. In fact Dr Janet’s SKINTASTIC ‘s ingredients  are so soothing and effective  you can even use it for shaving (even those sensitive areas)

1 bottle: $14.99

Best Buy!!  2 bottles  $25.00    (one bottle for you and one for the family member who always wants to borrow yours!)


Dr. Janet’s Balanced By Nature “FaceTime”

Dr. Janet's FaceTime

Dr. Janet brings you “FaceTime” face cream and the replenishing benefits of Collagen and Elastin, with the anti oxidant properties of vitamin E, in a wonderfully penetrating base.

Dr. Janet’s FaceTime: 2 oz jar  $29.95 (approximately a 2-month supply)

Available in Dr. Janet’s Store – Click Here!


Dr. Janet’s Good News from God’s Pharmacy

Good News From God's Pharmacy

Dr. Janet takes you on a tour of God’s Pharmacy in this 3 CD series, educating andencouraging you as you take your health to a higher level ~ one bite at a time!

Dr Janet teaches you:

*  How to boost your immunity

*  How to use food as your insurance plan to safeguard against degenerative disease

*  How to arm yourself with phytonutrients to help battle disease

*  How to conquer pain naturally

Dr Janet believes that TRUE healthcare reform begins with YOU! For the past 25 years , Dr Janet has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world regain their health. Now.. you have the opportunity to hear Dr. Janet on this 3 CD series as she shares scientific research  as well as amazing insight into the “Grand Design” of the foods we eat!

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!

3 CD series for $29.95. Available in Dr. Janet’s Store – Click Here!

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